Let July Just Be July

I heard a song recently on an Instagram Reel. Or maybe it was that Tik Tok thing. Yep. I’m hip. The lyrics were simple, yet for me, so profound. “We can let July just be July.” Music has a way of seeing into our souls. I love the summer. I am, after all, a teacher,…Read more »

ICELAND: The land of some ice and a lot of snacks.

Traveling always opens me up a little. It stretches me like a pilates class. And it challenges me to grow.  I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind on this journey. But 13 made the cut. 13 little lessons that I can take on my next trip. And I narrowed them down to 13…Read more »

Elevator of grief

  I went to Mammoth last summer with my dogs. A little weekend getaway to relax. It’s good to get out of the city every once and awhile. To recharge. To see new things. Be in nature. And all that kind of stuff. We were all checked in to our room and now it was…Read more »

Let the wind be your friend

One windy afternoon as the kindergarteners came strolling down to PE class, I noticed a sweet girl that was visibly upset. I went over and I asked her, “What is the matter?” She looked at me with terrified and tearful eyes and responded, “I am scared of the wind.” Then she cuddled up next to…Read more »

The door is waiting.

          Photo taken by me in Cuzco, Peru “We have to open the door so that our divine purpose can enter.” Oprah said that once. But how? Well, slow your ass down. That’s what I said. Profound, isn’t it? If you quote that on your instagram please don’t forget to give…Read more »