Old Gray Mary

My dogs just recently turned 11. I do not know how to calculate the “dog years” thing, but I know it’s old. Maybe it’s the gray hair on their backs, or the vet suggesting they do some “senior” bloodwork. Or perhaps it is the constant banter from strangers who often say, “Oh my goodness. Look…Read more »


July and I have had a complicated relationship. On July 2, 2006, my dad died. He left his physical body peacefully and has now passed on to a place with unicorns and rainbows. And he is probably sitting on a reclining puffy cloud right now, smiling down on me.  Maybe all that is true. God,…Read more »

Heart to Heart

My dad and I would often have what I call heart to heart moments. They aren’t really the ones that I imagine everyone thinks of. The long and intimate talks. Where you share everything that is on your heart. Ours were more of the cliff notes version of that. And still just as meaningful.  To…Read more »

Happy Birthday Dad.

Written 4/24/18 Look at that guy. That guy right there in those sweet shorts. Showing some leg. That’s my dad. And today, April 24th, is his birthday. I feel kind of tired. And a bit heavy about it. It is funny how each year is different. With all of the different holidays and milestones that…Read more »

The Present Moment

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I open up my blinds. I love the sunshine peering in and there are these magical little hummingbirds that frequent a tree right outside of my window.  As soon as the blinds open, I feel an immense rush of gratitude. On most…Read more »

Don’t forget…

Several years ago, a 3rd grader came to me with the biggest Post-it Note on his tiny, left cheek. Seriously. It was biggest post-it I had ever seen. And as serious as can be, he asked me, “Would it be ok if I leave this on my face so I don’t forget something?” And just…Read more »

I am loved.

“Be brave enough to take off the masks you wear out there and get to know who you are underneath. Be vulnerable enough to accept your flaws and know that they are what make you human; they are what make you real. Be confident enough to accept and cherish your strengths. Don’t minimize them or…Read more »

Today is that Tomorrow

Four years ago, I drove to work. In shock and disbelief. Grieving for our nation. Watching some people walk around like zombies staring off into the distance. And watching some folks cry into each other’s arms as if dealing with the death of a loved one. And the truth is we were. Part of our…Read more »

The Microorganism of Negativity

8/21/2020 I am the kind of person that can follow a thought and be off to the races. Even if it isn’t true. For example, I will not hear back from someone and within 30 seconds, my brain has taken me so far from reality. In my mind, they are mad at me for something.…Read more »