Incomplete Pass

The other day someone complimented my hair. I was quick to respond, “Really? I haven’t washed it in a week. And have you seen my roots?!” Never once absorbing the incoming positivity that they were trying to offer me. Never allowing the giver of the compliment to truly experience the act of giving. And never…Read more »


The other day I was pumped about making a crock pot meal. Have you ever had a sweet potato from a crock pot? Life changing. The temperature had dropped on the first day of fall and I was ready for some warm food and a comfy sweatshirt. It was 69 degrees. That is winter weather…Read more »

Don’t forget…

Several years ago, a 3rd grader came to me with the biggest Post-it Note on his tiny, left cheek. Seriously. It was biggest post-it I had ever seen. And as serious as can be, he asked me, “Would it be ok if I leave this on my face so I don’t forget something?” And just…Read more »

The Present

I was out walking my dogs this morning. I love looking around and just noticing things on my walks. That stems from years of a mindfulness practice. Hearts are one of my things. I see them often. They pop up in the strangest of ways and forms. To me, it reminds me that I am…Read more »

High Heels and Converse

  Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Student: “A pair of high heels, but don’t tell my mom.”   When I had this exchange with a young kid well over 10 years ago, I found it to be light hearted and kind of funny. The kid was cute as a…Read more »

Enough isn’t Enough

    If you are over all the posts about gun control, keep it moving. I just needed to say something. I needed to say it for me, not for anyone else.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Enough is enough. But enough of enough is enough. Enough isn’t enough. Because…Read more »

Breaking up is hard to do.

 I just went through a terrible breakup. And do you know what’s funny? She didn’t even know we were dating. I actually tore my rotator cuff moving all of my imaginary furniture out of her apartment. That darn thing is still sore. Bless my heart.  I have been through five imaginary breakups like this. And…Read more »

ICELAND: The land of some ice and a lot of snacks.

Traveling always opens me up a little. It stretches me like a pilates class. And it challenges me to grow.  I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind on this journey. But 13 made the cut. 13 little lessons that I can take on my next trip. And I narrowed them down to 13…Read more »

Thank you 📝

I have been teaching now for 15 years in Los Angeles. 17 total if you count my two years at Tyson Chicken Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas. Yes you read that right. Tyson Chicken Elementary. It was right across the street from the chicken farms. I taught for two years there while I was going…Read more »

Angels Unaware (revised)

  “I pray for wisdom, so I won’t encounter his angels unaware.” -Martha Thomas-   My mom was deaf. But she could undoubtedly hear God in her everyday life. In her writings and meditations, she often referred to being able to “hear” the voice of God. I didn’t understand this connection. As a kid, I…Read more »