The other day I was pumped about making a crock pot meal. Have you ever had a sweet potato from a crock pot? Life changing. The temperature had dropped on the first day of fall and I was ready for some warm food and a comfy sweatshirt. It was 69 degrees. That is winter weather…Read more »

May 31st, 2020

  Sunday, May 31st, 2020   Truth be told. I am a recovering ALL LIVES MATTER gal. It is embarrassing to admit. But, an honest statement about my journey. Yes. I’m very aware that all lives do matter. It is that I now understand the why behind the black lives matter movement. I had to…Read more »

April 19th, 2020

April 19th, 2020 I am finally writing something after a month of being at home. I wish I could have kept a daily journal or some type of notes from the past month. But, my hands and fingers and brain just weren’t willing to work together to form sentences. Sentences about what I was witnessing…Read more »