Incomplete Pass

The other day someone complimented my hair. I was quick to respond, “Really? I haven’t washed it in a week. And have you seen my roots?!” Never once absorbing the incoming positivity that they were trying to offer me. Never allowing the giver of the compliment to truly experience the act of giving. And never…Read more »

Born on purpose

The world would like to introduce  Melanie Colleen Thomas. She was born on October 16th, 1975. She entered this world with a big birthmark and a giant head.  The first picture that was ever taken of her looks like something straight out of a true crime documentary. She screamed for the first 6 months of…Read more »

Heart to Heart

My dad and I would often have what I call heart to heart moments. They aren’t really the ones that I imagine everyone thinks of. The long and intimate talks. Where you share everything that is on your heart. Ours were more of the cliff notes version of that. And still just as meaningful.  To…Read more »

Don’t forget…

Several years ago, a 3rd grader came to me with the biggest Post-it Note on his tiny, left cheek. Seriously. It was biggest post-it I had ever seen. And as serious as can be, he asked me, “Would it be ok if I leave this on my face so I don’t forget something?” And just…Read more »

I’ll be Home for Christmas…

              HOME Bing Crosby’s “I’ll be home for Christmas” was playing on the radio the other day. It plays everyday during the holidays.  Sometimes when I hear that song, my emotions can get a little charged up. My dad used to roam around my childhood home singing it. In…Read more »

High Heels and Converse

  Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Student: “A pair of high heels, but don’t tell my mom.”   When I had this exchange with a young kid well over 10 years ago, I found it to be light hearted and kind of funny. The kid was cute as a…Read more »

Holiday Trifecta

  I have to take extra good care of myself around the holidays. Well, really every day. But, I can easily get caught up in focusing on the absence of what I want rather than what I have this time of year. Right here. Right now. Like the other day I was walking through Target,…Read more »


  Facebook Caption: “There is no love like a mother’s love.” 11/9/09 at 4:53pm Looking back on this memory today on Facebook,  I realized that I posted this picture not knowing that I would never see my mom again. I was scheduled to fly out early the morning of the 10th. And she died the…Read more »

Celebrate good times

“ Celebrate good times, come on! There’s a party going on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. So bring your good times, and your laughter too, we gonna celebrate your party with you. Let’s all celebrate.” Y’all know that song. I couldn’t write the lyrics without singing them. I love a good…Read more »

ICELAND: The land of some ice and a lot of snacks.

Traveling always opens me up a little. It stretches me like a pilates class. And it challenges me to grow.  I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind on this journey. But 13 made the cut. 13 little lessons that I can take on my next trip. And I narrowed them down to 13…Read more »